TOGSE 2024

The Petroleum Research Center, with the support of the National Oil Corporation, intends to organize the International Conference and Exhibition for “Technology of Oil, Gas and Sustainable Energy” under the theme of “Towards an Effective Transition from Conventional to Sustainable Energy” during the period from 22 to 24 April 2024 in Tripoli – Libya. The conference covers a number of important topics in the field of hydrocarbon exploration, production, petrochemical industry and the environment, in addition to sustainable energy.


Great attention will be paid to the optimization of conventional resources utilization and the development of sustainable energy to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and to improve waste management. In this context, the upcoming Technology of Oil, Gas and Sustainable Energy (TOGSE2024) will provide the appropriate atmosphere for the exchange of knowledge and scientific/technical experience between local and international institutions and companies and will create opportunities for cooperation and investment in the field of conventional and sustainable energy.


Supreme & Organizing Committees